Fat City Recordings
Fat City Recordings was born in 1998, a sibling to the much-loved Fat City Records shop, legendary ‘Friends And Family’ club nights and cousin to Grand Central Records. Over the twelve years Fat City Recordings has been a cornerstone of the Manchester music scene. The label has continually evolved with eclecticism as it’s bedrock and is one of Manchester’s longest running independent labels.Starting with the wonderfully diverse ‘Mystic Brew’ compilations, the label has since developed hip-hop albums from artists such as Waajeed & Broke ‘n’ English, unique psych mega-mixes from Andy Votel & essential collections of contemporary electronica including productions from D Bridge, Shed & Dabrye. In addition our Red Laser imprint represents a new direction focussing on old to new italo disco & house productions lovingly essentially presented with bepsoke design aesthetics.  

“Fat City provide a brilliantly coherent vision of present & future elcetronic music” ( Boomkat )

We also have an ever-expanding group of associated sub-labels under the Fat City Recordings umbrella…
Prime Numbers
Set up with Trus’me in 2008 to release the best quality underground house, techno and deep disco from both sides of the Atlantic. The list of outstanding producers who have recoded material for this label speaks for itself: Andres, Mr Scruff, Actress, Discreet Unit & Move D alongside several others. Prime Numbers has also worked closely with Firecracker Recordings releasing albums from the mighty Linkwood and Fudge Fingas.

“I’m a big fan of Trus’me and Prime Numbers, modern soul music for our times” (Ashley Beedle)

Brutal Music
The imprint ‘Brutal Music’ was set up in early 2010 and is a collaboration between Fat City Recordings and Dom Thomas (B Music / Finders Keepers). Taking denizen funk, proto-house, far-flung folk, and raw psyche, warping them together into a satisfying sonic tapestry. The label represents both new productions and re-workings of rare nuggets. These limited edition, beautifully packaged, bespoke releases are already immensely collectable.

“Brutal Music will fuck your head up” ( Gaslamp Killer )

Fat City Recordings
Hotspur Press
2 Gloucester St
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