DBridge is a legendary figure in drum & bass. Though his career stretches back to the early 90s, it was in his role as one quarter of the irrepressible drum & bass super-group Bad Company in the late 90s and early 00s that he really stamped his mark on the scene, dominating the sound of drum & bass during that period. Tunes like ‘The Nine’, ‘Planet Dust’ and ‘Nitrous’ are unforgettable classics and are the tip of the iceberg of an incredible back catalogue of work from the foursome.

Since they disbanded, DBridge has carved a superb reputation as a solo artist, with a more refined sound that is no less effective in the clubs, with tunes like ‘True Romance’, ‘Odessa’ and ‘Twilight’ leaving a lasting impression on the scene. His label Exit Records is renowned for quality over quantity, with all releases carrying a touch of class.

In 2009 we welcomed DBridge to the Fat City family with his track "ZX81" as the final chapter in our Producer #2 series of split 7' singles.

The track in question was a slo-mo hip hop style that was unheard of from DBridge before so for a follow up we enlisted the remix duties of Hessle Audio's Ramadanman and Ostgut Ton's Shed.