ALBUMS / DOM THOMAS - Synthetic Soul & Other Junk
ALBUMS / DOM THOMAS - Synthetic Soul & Other Junk
Dom Thomas - Synthetic Soul & Other Junk
BRUTCD03 | CD | £8.99
BRUTLP03 | LP | £9.99
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Dom Thomas
After forging new ground with his previous sonic hotchpots 'Miscellaneous Mutant Mishaps' and 'The Exploding Disco Inevitable', Dom Thomas returns with another brain melting audio escapade into the ether. The third album in his dynamic anti-mixtape series on Brutal Music is salubriously entitled "Synthetic Soul & Other Junk", giving Thomas free license to curate a mood that takes the unsuspecting listener on a cascading journey of edits and loops, blurring the lines of traditional DJ mixes and original compostion. “Synthetic Soul” is composed of a variety of genres from “International Disco Frankenstien” Thomas’ musical heritage, warping together vastly disparate records into a rich sonic tapestry. Repeated listening recommended with or without substances...

The vinyl format contains thirteen tracks in their entirety selected from the CD mix.

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1. Sample 1 - Dom Thomas

2. Sample 2 - Dom Thomas

3. Sample 3 - Dom Thomas

4. Sample 4 - Dom Thomas

5. Sample 5 - Dom Thomas

6. Sample 6 - Dom Thomas