Tandy Love - Turk Jerk
FCCD033 | CD | £8.99
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"This jerk aint no chicken, it's an atomic funk rooster of the fuzziest kind" ( Gruff Rhys )

"Tandy Love reminds us once more that Turkey got more flavour than turkey" ( Edan )

Tandy Love's Anagram Jam sequel "Turk Jerk" AKA Anatolian Anagrams. Features 13 tracks of "Marmalised and De-Pipped" obscure-as-hell Turk-ish psych funk disco punk and cosmic floor fillers and mind benders. Ideal for those searching for something even deeper than the classic LPs by Selda, Baris, Ersen or Alpay and a fine addition to collections of world-class psych and odd-pop such as krautrock and tropicalia (as well as the the kind of music favoured by Finders Keepers, Andy Votel / Now Again /Sublime Frequencies & Madlib ).

Tandy Love has selected the rarest fruits from his bottomless collectiom, depipped& marmalised the ingredients serving us the very juiciest bits.

In the same vein as the first Anagram Jam this is an unmissable collection whereheady fuzzed out psych meets floksy funk & glammed up cosmic rock.

Once again you have the added fun of trying to unscrabble the anagrammed tracktitles to reveal the original sources, not thats its likely many will be familiar withany of them !

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1. Intro - Tandy Love

2. Bear Ham - Tandy Love

3. Ireach - Tandy Love

4. Indian Zone Drum Killer Inc - Tandy Love

5. Indian Zone Drum Killer Inc. - Tandy Love

6. Nubile Hi-Gaza - Tand

7. Miste Me? - Tandy Love

8. Mr. Bear Hug - Tandy Love

9. Dalinar Baloona - Tandy Love

10. Buni-Tune - Tandy Love

11. The Marina - Tandy Love

12. Asia Subs Kenya - Tandy Love

13. Kiss Me Miss - Im In Time - Tandy Love

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