SINGLES / THE B.R. GANG - Disquo Kwikie
SINGLES / THE B.R. GANG - Disquo Kwikie
The B.R. Gang - Disquo Kwikie
R01 | 12" | £4.99
Right out of the blue comes this debut release from the BR Gang.

A little digging reveals that the track is by longtime local producer Martin Brew of J-Walk fame back in the day. But If you're expecting the kind of soulful, down-tempo stuff that Martin did as J-Walk, think again, because this 12" features two sides of club-aimed dancefloor music, as the title "Disquo Kwikie" might imply. Mart's original drives along on a funky 4/4 disco rhythm (all very live sounding, but probably not) with the sleaziest fuzz bass line and sizzling cymbals all powering the cut along. Add some funky guitar licks and syncopated keyboard sounds, and that's it - one of those cuts that is blessed with not being over-worked. For the 'X-Tended Phasertron Dub' he twiddles the phaser knob, fires off some syn-drums, and goes to town on the electronic percussion and dub effects. On the flipside our favourite lederhosen-wearing disco DJ RufDug (actually, they may just have been shorts) takes control of the remix, slowing the pace down and extending the track out into one long filtered hypnotic electroid space disco-house groovathon.

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1. Disco Kwikie - The B.R. Gang
2. Disquo Kwikie (X-Tended Phsertron Dub) - The B.R. Gang
3. Disquo Kwikie (Rufdug Remix) - The B.R. Gang

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