Fudge Fingas - Now About How
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Fudge Fingas

'Now About How' is the highly anticipated debut album from Gavin Sutherland aka FudgeFingas.

The Fudge Fingas discography, dating back almost a decade, is teasingly small with only asprinkling of 10″s and 12″s to his name. Since 2004 the Edinburgh-based artist has been amainstay of both Prime Numbers and Firecracker Recordings, two UK labels that share apenchant for classically rooted electronic music.

Aside from the “About Time” E.P released last summer ( including the track “Me & U”which was included in FACT magazines top 60 tracks of 2010 ) this album will be his first solo release since 2005.

A talented multi-instrumentalist who purveys a style of deep house that is hard to pin downbut very much his own, Fudge Fingas tracks are invariably emotive, impeccably producedaffairs, demonstrating a keen knowledge of electronic music. The fact his music has beenincluded on mixes by artists as varied as Amé and Joy Orbison should hint at the broad rangeof his musical abilities.

'Through his productions and songwriting he has developed a remarkably strong reputationfor heavily romantic, introspective house / not house paeans and once again vocals and lyricsplay a large part on this album as Fudge exercises his unique voice to give a very personalfeel. The music, meanwhile, though inspired by the dancefloor, is meant as much for the mindas for the body.

“Now About How” is an album that fuses diverse styles, tipping it’s cap to a world of sounds absorbed over the course of a life time. It is the sound of Fudge's childhood spent learningfrom his record loving family about the many wonders of 20th century recorded music,filtered through the classic house and techno template which was the soundtrack to hisformative years. It's the sound of how we got to now, and where we might go from here.

Fudge Fingas is a man very much immersed in his music. As well as producing he managesEdinburgh's best dance music record shop 'Underground Solu'shn' whilst also lending hismusicianship to tracks by other artists on Prime Numbers such as Linkwood & Trus’me.

“From vintage chi-town house to glo-fi with a pensive mid tempo bump combined withmelancholy soaked vocals” ( Juno )

“If you follow modern deep house you really should be familiar with the work of FudgeFingas and his cohorts Linkwood. They're making some of the most real, deepest and mosteffective house music coming out of the UK right now” (Boomkat )

“Addictive, robust and sensuous” ( Fact Magazine )

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1. What Do You Do - Fudge Fingas

2. If We're Gonna Go - Fudge Fingas

3. It's About Time - Fudge Fingas

4. Singularity - Fudge Fingas

5. SOYB - Fudge Fingas

6. Sudden Landing - Fudge Fingas

7. Me & U - Fudge Fingas

8. Polo - Fudge Fingas

9. Silent Statues - Fudge Fingas

10. The Tree - Fudge Fingas

11. Mind Swamp - Fudge Fingas

12. It's The Music - Fudge Fingas

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