SINGLES / PRODUCER - Producer #3 Part 3
SINGLES / PRODUCER - Producer #3 Part 3
Producer - Producer #3 Part 3
SOLD OUT | 12"

The third part of our Producer#3 series. 

Following his recent release on the Manchester based Mind On Fire label, Danny Drive Thru provides two tracks for Producer#3. 
Eclipsemoonsun is a deeply burnt piece of atmospheric cinematica, smouldering & minimal. Crumbling drums merge with ethereal voices & weightless keys giving you 3 minutes of disintegrating funk.
Marcus Intalex under his new Trevino alias remixes. In line with his recent tracks for Martyn’s 3024 label & Scuba’s DJ Kicks mix he pushes the tempo to create a technoid stepper. Its a dusky production in the 130 bpm realm with a warm electro flourish and darker acidic undercurrents. 

After including his smash-up of the “death star theme” on Producer#2 and dropping his debut vinyl with the Cakeology E.P in 2010, the green llama aka Mr Dibiase returns to Fat City. Its classic Dibiase, all raw, chopped & loose around the lines, ripping apart some spaced soul parts in trademark wacked-out-cosmic fashion. 

Danny Drive Thru finishes off with his cover of MOP’s “Ante Up”. We included it on the Producer#2 CD and the repsonse was so good we had to do vinyl. Virtual voices mix with lo-fi keys and beats. Tongue-in-cheek, clever, humorous & addictive. 




click tracklist to listen

1. Eclipsemoonsun - Danny Drive Thru

2. Eclipsemoonsun Trevino Remix - Danny Drive Thru

3. Driftin Off - Mr Dibiase

4. Virtua Ante Up - Danny Drive Thru

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