SINGLES / EP-4 - Brutal 500 Series Part 3
SINGLES / EP-4 - Brutal 500 Series Part 3
EP-4 - Brutal 500 Series Part 3
BRUT1203 | 12" | £5.99

The third installment in our Brutal 500 series. After an e.p of personal favourites from Dom Thomas and a splatter of new productions from DJ Cherrystones we present a set of Japanese New Wave movements from the obscure band EP-4. 

This essential Japanese mutant funk crew emerged in 1980 out of Club Modern in Kyoto, mainly as a collaboration between Kaoru Sato and keyboardist/tape manipulator Banana Kawashima.
EP-4 offer a seamless mix of polyrhythmic arrangements that varyingly nods in the direction of 80's downtown NY via concise Liquid Liquid grooves or the elaborate funky arrangements of Talking Heads.
Building on a cool, no-sweat-funk danceability, the group explores areas of sonically drenched experimentation.
Skeletal grooves take on swelling layers of compressed and distorted guitar, synth, and vocoder. The vocals are distinctly post-Can and desolate in a P.I.L-damaged sense. 



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1. Robothood Process - EP-4

2. Tide Gauge - EP-4

3. Coco - EP-4

4. 5-21 - EP-4

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