Voiceless - Shadows Of Sound EP
IIIR-I | 12" | £6.00
First release from new Manchester based label, III Rivers. 

Mechanized rumblings from the one of the pioneering cities of the Industrial Revolution. III Rivers takes the militant work ethic of the cotton trade and transports it to a nuclear based factory-line based on Humankind's next proposed landing bay. When the inevitable apocalypse does occur, it'll be these vibrations soundtracking the construction of our new civilization.
Produced by Voiceless, an unknown artist(s) currently sculling in Manchester's subterranean dwellings and disused mill spaces.
"Drop Them (Just Like That)" soundtracks a million sub-human slaves operating the machinery required to mine resources for our new home. The repetitive kick and bass groove locking down the lesser-humans and forcing them to work while drifting sine waves and concentric tape echoes send binaural transmissions direct to the cerebrum, subconsciously programming them for later life. "True Dat" deploys a stark, alien sound palette on the listener, preparing them for darker days ahead - we are at war within the galaxy and Voiceless is at the front line, defending Earth through a barrage of machine gun hi-hats and thick, penetrating leads. "Atlas" keeps the energy and narcosis running high. A flat-lined technoid acid attack with twangy stabs and a heavy sub make for post 4AM strobe machine abuse and uncontrollable devotion to the speaker stacks..
Just look out for Martians on the dancefloor!

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1. Drop Them ( Just Like That ) - Voiceless

2. True Dat - Voiceless

3. Atlas - Voiceless

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