Red Laser Disco - Red Laser EP4
SOLD OUT | 12"
5th Jan '16 - New All Vinyl Il Bosco Mix
Fourth EP from Red Laser Records. Clear red vinyl with wrap-around poster sleeve in pvc cover. Limited to 300...

To say Tony Carrasco is a bit of an italo legend is a fukin understatement. He is responsible for some of the most seminal Italo records producing Klien & MBO, Ameresie, Flash 83, Gaz Nevada, Plastic Mode and BFunk. Then take Red Laser Man and Italo legend Flemming Dalum and stick him on the remix and POW!!!!! The result is one of the heaviest tracks on Red Laser to date. Its like ACR and ESG were thrown in the studio with nothing to eat except E’s. An absolute top draw track

Out of the intaweb blue comes Nick Smith based over in Leeds and responsible for the Clandestino parties with fellow top bloke / Dj producer Joe Morris. This 8 minute acid chugger will blow the socks off tramp in January. Mindbendingly good.

The French beer of choice. No sorry thats 1884. Red Laser's Paris connection Leon x Leon hits the sunshine button with this steady and beautifully made sunset disco beatdown. It chugs hard, drops euphorically and then builds and builds to its hands in the air finish. 5 star neavuex discotheque monsieur

Make a beat, drop some analog bassline, sprinkle with synth jizz and get Ste Spandex over to jam on the piano and hit the record button. Il Bosco & Spandex both record all live jams & overdubs so the result was an 18 minute track that our mate James Holroyd edited to this 4 minutes of dancfloor Italo heaven. Team Laser in effect. High five init

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1. Who What Where When & Why ? ( Flemming Dalum Edit ) - Tony Carrasco presents B.Funk feat. Sally O

2. Neon - Nick Smith

3. 1985 - Leon x Leon

4. Hard Shoulder - Il Bosco feat. Ste Spandex

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