Red Laser Disco - Red Laser EP5
SOLD OUT | 12"
5th Jan '16 - New All Vinyl Il Bosco Mix

Limited to 300. Clear red vinyl with wrap around poster inner sleeve & pvc cover.

Flemming Dalum is back with a fantastic Italo remix of Sally Shapiro’s fantastically titled track.
With some great backing synth from Kid Machine he has created an amazing Italo Disco tune with a great pop sensibility that makes it so simple and catchy you will be whistling it all day. Flemming never lets us down when it comes to exquisite new Italo flavours and this track is proof of that. Addictive Italo pop for dancefloors.

The Manctalo revolution continues with Manchester’s own Chris Massey and Italian DJ Rocca who bring this chug thud Italo floor bubbler to EP5. Its glittering intro floats through the cosmos with a euphoric flavour and is brought back into a big bang bass line for a great Italo Disco dancing experience.

So soon after his Red Laser debut on EP4 LeonxLeon is back with a clickety clack. This train journey inspired Italo Disco sees the Parisian producer get even more progressive and sophisticated with his music ideas resulting in this amazing 6 minute disco epic. LeonxLeon is definitely one to watch for 2014

Label Head Il Bosco imagines the soundtrack to a world taken over by decaying zombies. They must kill humans so they can eat brains in an attempt to satisfy their never ending hunger and when they have finished eating they enjoy dancing to sounds played by their favourite local Italo Disco DJ. It’s a moody electronic beat heavy horror jam that fills the room with creepy electronics and sweeping delays. 

click tracklist to listen

1. This City's Local Italo Disco DJ Has A Crush On Me (Flemming Dalum Remix) - Sally Shapiro

2. The Trunk - DJ Rocca & Chris Massey

3. The Train Tracks - Leon x Leon

4. Moon Of Blood - Il Bosco

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