Starion - Mindbender EP
SOLD OUT | 12"

LIMITED TO 45 COPIES ! Exclusive to Fat City..
Comes with wrap around Riso print poster sleeve & pvc cover.

Starion’s sound has been a fundamental part of Manchester’s Red Laser Records since the very first EP back in 2012. He has released many tracks on the labels EP series and has now finally completed his long awaited first solo EP. We are treated to Starion's amazing signature sound throughout but with even deeper production, an increasingly sophisticated arrangement and sound design. A real treat for all Manctalo fans.
Hypnoto Roboto is a throbbing Italo chug bomb & a dance floor smash. Starion kicks of the EP with his signature synth disco sound. A Blade Runner club jam made for android only dance floors
Next Kid Machine gets on the remix.You can’t hold a good Machine down and Manchester’s Kid Machine especially. This cybernetic horror jam is one of his best productions to date and epitomises the unique style that has Italo Electro fans all over the world collecting his music eagerly. This will not disappoint. The production is slick and the atmosphere he creates reeks of the future. Heavyweight synth action right here.
Starion comes with Mindbender the killer boogie jam. 80’s electro and disco collide in a fantastic chug filled synth soup.  Give me a large bowl and watch me glow like the Ready Brek Kid. Amazing future retro floor filler.
Moonbase Alpha is like the music you get on an 80’s film trailer on VHS that you can dance to. This moody piece tells a story as it moves you toward the dance floor. A story of forgotten encampments on moons far away, the survival in isolation and the horrors that play out in the minds of the abandoned settlers. 

click tracklist to listen

1. Hypnoto Roboto - Starion

2. Hynoto Roboto / Kid Machine Remix - Starion

3. Mindbender - Starion

4. Moonbase Alpha - Starion

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