SINGLES / VARIOUS ARTISTS - Wet Play / Where Good Friends Meet #3
SINGLES / VARIOUS ARTISTS - Wet Play / Where Good Friends Meet #3
Various Artists - Wet Play / Where Good Friends Meet #3

Wet Play invite you to take a dip into their aural bubble bath for a third soaking as they complete their “Where Good Friends Meet” triptych on Red Laser Records. Inaugurating three new players into their much-loved steam room alongside long-serving patron, Metrodome. Rest assured this is one wash closet you're sure to frequent again and again.

Benny Badge, long term friend and cohort of our Randall Marsh, twice removed Manc and modern funk extraordinaire dons his Freekwency cap and kicks things off with "Streetboxx"; a loose and squelchy stroller / moocher dripping with Benny's flair for drum programming and goose-bump inducing melodies. Never untucked but rambunctiously grooving its way through Melbourne's sun-kissed, wide highways without a foamy dangler in sight.

Next, we jump into the Delorian and revisit 1983 as Glasgow's best kept secret, Tension provides possibly the most authentic slice of summertime soul you've heard since any of us here at Wet Play HQ were even born (Ruf Dug excused). Listen to that lyric - the guitars, niggling synth licks and perfectly executed tom rolls; fuck! Timeless boogie! and with the current off-the-wall pressing schedules post-record store day it's pure serendipity that we've got this banger out for summer 2015.

Giving you all the smells and feelings of a thorough soaking Metrodome and Il Bosco flip the script and give you the other flavours of our sensual soiree on the flip.

"Xanthan Gum" instantly reeks of what is now the standard de rigueur from Metrodome - futureproof as a Swiss army knife, sound system ready to tickle the fuck outta the tweeters n't subs n't yer nethers while being blissfully catchy, radiant and groovy as hell.  The cats out of the bag on this guy. We know peops are after snapping up his art like a new Picasso. An increasingly busy body, wrist-deep in various projects including pounding out beats for Manchester’s infamous Levelz crew - we’re super buzzed that he’s kept some stone cold gems like this one held back for his foster family / nursery group Wet Play :) Nice one champ.

Finally, if you didn't already know, none of these Wet Play records would happen without parent label Red Laser having faith in our unprofessional, haphazard yet highly spirited outfit. Matt and Woody, perhaps witnessing a mirror of their former years, saw the intoxicating and unique atmosphere at our club nights and got us into gear to release these records; so it’s a double buzz when Woody sparks up his machines and gets all cybotronic on our arses with his Il Bosco guise. Hitting perfectly that late-night, drugged-out moment of floating-in-a-timeless-vacuum bliss when the smoke and the strobe and the lasers hit maximum, and the dancefloor's united in a serotonin flooded synergy; his 'Mind Meld' dub of Kano's "Another Life" instantly transports you to the centre of the dancefloor at our first adopted home, Kraak; emotional, hedonistic times whence which intense relationships were made, fresh moments were etched into people's minds and happiness poured into the streets. 

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1. Wet Play - Wet Play

2. Streetboxx - Freekwency

3. Your Sunshine - Tension

4. Xanthan Gum - Metrodome

5. Another Life ( Il Bosco Mind Meld Dub ) - Kano

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