SINGLES / RALPH LAWSON - Stars On 33 Sampler
SINGLES / RALPH LAWSON - Stars On 33 Sampler
Ralph Lawson - Stars On 33 Sampler
FC12012 | 12" | £3.99
4 tracks from Ralph Lawsons new mix comp on Fat City - Including the original version of Turn Off The Lights on 12 for the first time EVER!!!!!

This 4 track sampler starts off with a spoken word intro, and goes into the massive Fat City favourite Turn Off The Lights by Larry Youngs Fuel. You will have heard this fantastic track before, either in this original version or one of the many excellent cover versions that have been released over the years. But you wont own it on a 12 inch single - this is the first time ever it has been released on this format, with a super-loud fat pressing.

Following that exclusive, Audio Traffic pop up with a funky basslined breakbeat track with live percussion from Dubble D, and the Formidable Force weigh in with Metro Life - electro beats and effects with big bass stabs and mad trippy filtered effects.

"Bloody marry... Larry Young on twelve, G'wan !!" ( Jean Claude, Amalgamation Of Soundz )

'Larry Youngs Fuel is one of my favourite old funk tracks and great to have it here on 12"
( Stuart Patterson, Faith )

"Formiddable Force provide a beat track well worthy of backing Larry Young" ( Domu )

"Ace DJ and ace compilation" ( Rob Da Bank )

"Larry Young .... classic. The new tracks are very nice too, all round top selection" ( Ewan Pearson )

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1. She Entices (Intro) - Wolf n' Flow
2. Turn Off The Lights - Larry Young
3. Harlem After Hours - Audio Traffic
4. Metro Life - Formidable Force

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