SINGLES / WAAJEED - The War LP Sampler 1
SINGLES / WAAJEED - The War LP Sampler 1
Waajeed - The War LP Sampler 1
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First ep from Waajeeds War LP. Features six tracks and perfectly demonstrates the diversity of the album.

Invincible and Ta'Raach provide Terminator X style hiphop with "Bombs Away", a proper piece of rap with a serious political standpoint. Which can certainly also be said for Invincible's 'Place Where We Dwell", a raw and honest breakdown of poltics and community relations in the U.S.

Waajeed weighs in with the acclaimed "Proud", a tribute to James Brown and made up of about 40 separate samples from the Godfather himself. He also drops a damn funky few minutes sampling the Ohio Players in the form of "Fire".

Tiombe Lockhart goes into cinematic psychsoul territory with the epic "O'Bloody Days".

And last but in no means least is "Tron", Waajeeds now classic down-beat techno extravaganza !

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1. Bombs Away - Ta'Raach & Invincible

2. Fire - Waajeed

3. Tiombe Lockhart - O'Bloody Days, O'Starry Nights On The Bowery

4. Tron - Waajeed

5. Place Where We Dwell - Invincible

6. Proud - Waajeed

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