Prime Numbers - Prime Numbers R3
PN03 | 12"
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All producers have found themselves in trouble when their important music project vanishes from their hard drive. Linkwood was no different, high on adrenaline he went to play back his latest creation - his hard drive had died. . . .
To our delight the files were recovered to unearth a real gem aptly named "Lost Experiment". Pure brilliance are the only words to describe this as Linkwood provide a deep & subtle production in the vein of Basic Channel and Rhythm and Sound. Drums and keys crack and fizz above layers of submerged bass augmented by haunting effects and vocal samples.

Fudge Fingas, Linkwood collaborator and member of Found from the mighty Fence Records, weighs in with a soulful electro funk production utilising clipped drums and an extra wide bassline whilst Fudge Fingas’ vocals provide an addictive harmony . A fine example of how house can be musical.

Discrete Unit is another talent to add to the PN portrfolio is concerned only with the true sense of stripped down house. A loose and raw shuffling beatdown groove with hefty stabs, deep drums and large amounts reverb and echo throughout. The tracks classic sound is reinforced with the use of rousing Martin Luther King vocal samples which give the track its title.

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1. Lost Experiment - Linkwood

2. DinDins4Dada - Fudge Fingas

3. Discreet Unit - Written In Our Nature

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